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How to write an essay! - General IB Discussion


Everyone’s working on their EE, right?

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The best thing you can do over the summer is de-stress and prepare for next year.

A really cool thing you can do to make next year (hopefully) more productive is make yourself a motivation board! This is a super easy project. All you’ll need is glue, magazines or a printer, scissors, and a poster board.

Find pictures and quotes that motivate you. Look for your college emblem, pictures of people studying, places you want to go, successful/ smart looking people. Print out your quotes and glue them with the pictures onto your board. At the top you should cut out some big letters that tell you to “DO IT” because you can.

This is my favourite quote right now: “My thing is to work more than the others to show them how useless they are,” -Karl Lagerfeld



If you’re doing your homework late at night (and you will be) don’t just drink coffee. Coffee will keep you awake but dehydrate you so it’s difficult to think. Drink coffee with a big bottle of water and turn on a bunch of lights to trick yourself into not realizing what time it is. Depending on how you focus you might want to turn on some background noise too. Hope this is helpful!~